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Tulips are beginning to break through

We are still up and down in temperatures here in Michigan, but the tulips are finally starting to become more prominent and emerge from the ground.  To me this is the sure sign that spring is really here.  Winter has snapped back a few days this week with icy wind and cold that has robbed us again of those warm walks in the park.  Hoping the tulips rising from the ground will hold the sun a little closer and warm things up.  Here are a few I photographed at the Meijer Gardens.


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Comment balloon 9 commentsMichael Delaware • April 17 2014 09:43PM
Tulips are beginning to break through
We are still up and down in temperatures here in Michigan, but the tulips are finally starting to become more prominent and emerge from the ground. To me this is the sure sign that spring is really here. Winter has snapped back a few days this… more
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