The Cereal City Real Estate Connection: November 2010

Selling My Home in Battle Creek

How do I go about selling my home in Battle Creek?  This is a question I get asked a lot in these times with a declining national market place for Real Estate, and an influx of foreclosures that resemble a tidal wave. 

Selling my home in Battle Creek, MichiganThe answer can be simple, or very involved.  Dr. Seuss once wrote: "Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."  The most difficult answer for many sellers to understand right now is that the ‘added value' items that used to influence an increase in value for a home have zero impact on values when the overall market is slanting downward. 

The simple answer for most any seller is: "Price".  The price, which is often regarded as only one of the top ten items of importance in selling a home in days past, is not almost the senior guiding force in many neighborhoods.  Yes, there is a lot to be said for other areas, and I will discuss a few key ones here in this article. 

So what else can I do to speed up selling my home in Battle Creek?  Well, here is a list of a few key points to focus on after you have it priced right:

1) Make your home as presentable as possible.  Remove the clutter, and any excess furniture to storage.Selling my home in Battle Creek, Michigan  Let the new buyer see the space in the house.  Use paint, plants and rugs as needed to cover or repair any eyesores that you cannot get to immediately.  Keep the house clean and organized above all else.

2) Make your home available for showings, even on short notice.  Realize that when I buyer asks to see your home, they have often looked at several other homes too, and will likely look at others.  Don't put your home on the back burner because it was inconvenient for you at the time.  Selling a home is always inconvenient.  Work out solutions.

3) In summer keep the grass mowed, in the fall get the yard raked and in the winter make sure the driveway and walkways are shoveled or plowed.  Nothing is a bigger turn off than arriving at a house that looks neglected from the outside.  No one likes to trudge through knee deep snow, and it could make people leave and decide to come back at a later time, rather than go through the trouble.  As a Realtor, I have seen this happenSelling my home in Battle Creek, Michigan.

4) Consider offering value to the home in the marketing.  Offer a home warranty, a gift certificate for new carpeting or closing costs in the MLS notes.  Also, offering a bonus to the selling Realtor above the commission sometimes will give your home an edge in a competitive market.

5) Work with an experienced Realtor that also does a lot of internet marketing.  In these times you need something more than just putting it on the Multiple Listing Service.  A Realtor with a blog and internet presence will attract more buyers and more attention to your property.  In 2005 40% of the buyers were looking on line for real estate, in 2010 it is 90% of the buyers according to a recent study by the Michigan Association of Realtors.  You need an agent who is on top of the technology and social media.

So in answer to: ‘How do I go about selling my home in Battle Creek?' consider talking to me first.  I can be reached at: 269-441-8182 or through my website at:  I also have the several blogs, but here are a few of them: Battle Creek Real Estate Blog, Southwest Michigan Real Estate Blog and The Cereal City Real Estate Connection.

Selling my home in Battle Creek, Michigan

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