The Cereal City Real Estate Connection: December 2010

Icy Trees in Southwest Michigan

Icy Trees in Southwest MichiganYesterday in Southwest Michigan, we were treated to a display of nature with icy trees in the early morning.  As I drove to go look at a house for a client, I could not help but marvel at the beauty of the crystalline tree branches in sparkling white on either side of the road as I drove by. 

I do not think I can capture it all with photos, as they seemed more magical in person when you see them live.  My wife came home from work last night and also commented to me on the icy trees she saw driving to work, and wondered if I had noticed them.  With a back drop of a blue sky, the trees just caught your attention with their sparkle and usual color. 

It is common to see snow, and even snow in the trees, but that morning it seemed that Mother Nature was carefully demonstrating her artwork for Icy Trees in Southwest Michiganall that would notice.  I have tried to see if there were more this week, and alas there were none.  The weather warmed just enough to melt away the performance, and erase it from memory. 

However, I did manage to get a few photos of the icy trees from my car as I drove along.  Unfortunately I was not in an area where I could stop, and I had an appointment to get to, so was a little rushed for time.  I have seen this before, but perhaps this caught my eye more because of the blue skies and sun shining on them creating the sparkle?  Probably it was just the perfect condition for the spectacle. 

Anyway, I think a lot of people noticed it and it was kind of nice to see around the holidays.  So I hope you enjoy reading this post and looking at my photos of the icy trees.  Sometimes it is so easy to get busy on the road where I am going as a Realtor, and I forget to enjoy the world around me, even in winter!

Icy Trees in Southwest Michigan

Icy Trees in Southwest Michigan

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