The Cereal City Real Estate Connection: Pennfield Area Investment Properties

Pennfield Area Investment Properties

Investors in the last few years have been seeking out Pennfield Area Investment properties due to the Pennfield Area Investment Propertiestownships close proximity to Battle Creek.  Pennfield is a township on the North side of Battle Creek, and has a Battle Creek mailing address, despite having its own municipal government. 

At present there is no regulating authority for rental property in the township, which makes Pennfield Area Investment properties appealing.  One still has building code departments, but there is no rental registration required at this time. 

Some of other aspects about Pennfield Area Investment properties that make the location appealing are the recent upgrades to the local high school and elementary school.  The new high school building opened just a few years ago.  This has made living in Pennfield a higher demand, and thus rental property like any area with a preferred school system is going to be successful. Pennfield Area Investment Properties

Most Pennfield Area Investment properties that I recommend to investors are 3 bedroom or above, and these tend to have a higher demand and seem to rent faster.  However, 2 bedrooms so rent as well. 

I usually recommend to an investor that is seeking to pick up two or three rentals in the area, that they acquire at least two 3 bedroom unit house, to every one 2 bedroom unit house they buy.  Single family homes are the main type of property you will find in this area, and there are also larger homes on larger parcels of land. 

Pennfield Area Investment PropertiesThe homes that tend to be most popular are the ones on lots in residential neighborhoods, and are in the range of 900 to 1500 square feet.  This size of home tends to be easier to maintain, and ultimately rent.  When working with a local Realtor, have them search the area by the Pennfield school district.

Foreclosures, as in most areas, are the big draw for investors in this area, as one can acquire them reasonably in most cases, and remodel them to become a good and desirable rental home. There also a lot of lakes in Pennfield township, and sometimes cottages can be acquired for summer rentals.

As a local Realtor, I have sold a lot of Pennfield area investment properties, and I would be happy to help you find the right ones for you.  I can also be contacted through my website at:

Pennfield Area Investment Properties


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