The Cereal City Real Estate Connection: Battle Creek Residential Investment Properties

Battle Creek Residential Investment Properties

Battle Creek residential investment properties are in high demand from investors in recent years because of the rise in foreclosures from two aspects.  The foreclosure increase has created great deals, as banks Battle Creek Residential Investment Propertiesand mortgage companies offload unwanted Real Estate Owned (REO) property from their ledgers.  The other reason is with the increase in people who are suddenly not homeowners, they have to go somewhere, and thus one has a perfect storm that favors the investment market. 

Additionally one has the increase in government subsidized housing being funded to States in the form of the Section 8 program, which was a program to take away the stigma of government housing projects by moving these occupants into residential neighborhoods.  Battle Creek residential investment properties thus have been on the rise, as investors with capital to invest are pulling their funds out of the stock market and moving them over to tangible assets such as investment real estate. 

When buying Battle Creek residential investment properties it is important to work with a knowledgeable Realtor that knows the area, so that you can acquire your properties in areas where there would be a higher demand and thus ultimately less vacancy time. Battle Creek Residential Investment Properties

A knowledgeable Realtor will also be able to direct you to homes that are structurally going to pass the test for any rental housing authority inspection, as well as require minimal upgrade costs to make the home livable and rentable.  Battle Creek residential investment properties do not all fall within the jurisdiction of the rental housing authority of the City, in terms of location, so starting with one that has less government regulation is often preferable to a starting investor. 

Areas around the city where Battle Creek residential investment properties are not regulated by City inspection include Harper Creek, Pennfield and parts of the Bedford/Urbandale area.  Being a Realtor that has helped many investors get started in their new business venture, and being a rental property owner myself, I would suggest you contact me through my website or call me direct at: 269-441-8182.  I look forward to helping you achieve financial freedom.

Battle Creek Residential Investment Properties

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Comment balloon 2 commentsMichael Delaware • October 21 2010 05:00PM


Good Call!  Properties NOT subject to government intervention in the renting and leasing process are enjoying will be the property sales that will rise ALL properties (boats) around them!  Investors * seeing a strong financial return on their investment * will be the FIRST back in the real estate market! 

Posted by Wallace S. Gibson, CPM, LandlordWhisperer (Gibson Management Group, Ltd.) over 4 years ago

A knowledgable realtor knows that right now is the time to buy.  In general (not just real-estate but anything), when everyone else is running away from an investment, that's the best time to buy!  I know so many people that have obtained incredible deals these past couple years.  Two more years to go then pricing are going to inch back up, it's a time limited opportunity.

Posted by Nathan M, President (Rentec Direct) (Rentec Direct Property Management Software) over 4 years ago